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Better way to find index of item from ArrayList<CustomObject>

First of all, please correct me If I am wrong. I want to find index of Item (i.e String value) from

without using For Loop.




ArrayList<POJO> list = new ArrayList<POJO>;

//Lots of data added to these list...

Now I want to find the id of particular name from the arraylist without using below kind of for loop.

String id = null;
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
for (int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) {
if("ABCD".equalsIgnoreCase(list.get(i).getName())) {
id = list.get(i).getId();

Ideally I don't want to implement the For loop because in some cases i have 500+ data inside the List and to find index using a For loop is not a good way to do this.

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Thank you all for your kind and quick response. But a Special thanks to Joachim Sauer. You are absolutely right that 500 elements is not a lot, chances are this loop has no real effect on the performance of your code (even 'though it is inefficient). Even I try it up to 5000 elements and still there is no negative impact on the performance.

Thank you all once again and thank you for your comment Joachim Sauer.