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SQL Question

Extract complex text pattern using SQL function

I need to extract a text pattern looking like this:

(2digit,minus, 3digits,minus,9digits)

from along text field. For example, specific field looks like this:

"fsadlk fasldkl jhkjfd khjfasd 11-333-878787618 hfsd uhjkfads"

I need to extract using sql function in the select line the 11-333-878787618. I'm using DB2 AS400 but any SQL function syntax will help.

Answer Source

The following may be useful in that regard; I can add the extraction as well, but I figured that might be understood already, after getting this far:

 create table patterns ( p varchar(65), find_at smallint )
 insert into  patterns values                                        
  ('fsadlk fasldkl jhkjfd khjfasd 11-333-878787618 hfsd uhjkfads',31)
 ,('weroiu 11-333-8787zz618 oiuwens snkdl osjlwhe'               ,00)
 ,('nm,sdj xhdgweufyen sndh 711-333-878787618 hfsd uhjkfads'     ,26)
 ,('nm,sdj xhdgweufyen sndh 11-333-8787876187 hfsd uhjkfads'     ,25)
 -- ....+....1....+....2....+....3....+....4....+....5....+....6.    
 select translate(p, '9', '0123456789', '9') as translated
     ,  smallint( locate( '99-999-999999999'              
                , translate(p, '9', '0123456789', '9') )  
                ) as located                              
     ,  find_at                                           
 from patterns                                            
 ; -- report from the above query follows:
TRANSLATED                                                         LOCATED   FIND_AT
fsadlk fasldkl jhkjfd khjfasd 99-999-999999999 hfsd uhjkfads            31        31
weroiu 99-999-9999zz999 oiuwens snkdl osjlwhe                            0         0
nm,sdj xhdgweufyen sndh 999-999-999999999 hfsd uhjkfads                 26        26
nm,sdj xhdgweufyen sndh 99-999-9999999999 hfsd uhjkfads                 25        25
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