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Deploy a self-hosted SignalR backend to Azure

I made a web application with the following architecture :

A React.js frontend (only client-side javascript, no Node.js server)

A SignalR self-hosted backend in a C# console app

I would like to deploy my setup to Azure but I am a complete newbie with Azure.

I should be fine deploying the front-end by following a tutorial like this one

but I can't find any resource about deploying a SignalR self-hosted backend.

I found some resources discussing about a ASP.NET MVC SignalR web application hosted in IIS on Azure, but not about a self-hosted one.

Should I be using an App Service for my backend? Any caveats?

Thank you for enlighting me

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You can but it is not best performance wise, to host your SignlarR on IIS.

Reasons for not hosting in IIS include:

Environments where IIS is not available or desirable, such as an existing server farm without IIS. The performance overhead of IIS needs to be avoided. SignalR functionality is to be added to an exising application that runs in a Windows Service, Azure worker role, or other process.

In Azure you can run it as for example:

App Service (read more).

Windows Service (example and read more).

Worker role (read more)

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