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Java Question

How to split a string into strings of two chars

I am trying to divide strings in substrings of two chararters for example for the input: "ABCDE" i want to get the substrings "AB" "BC" "CD" "DE".

I tried with the following code:

String route = "ABCDE";
int i = 0;

while(i < route.length()) {
String sub = route.substring(i,i+2);

but the index (i) gets out of range int the last iteration and causes an error.
is there anyway to do this without getting the index (i) out of range ?

Answer Source

This should work fine

String route = "ABCDE";
if( route.length() > 2){
    int i = 0;
    do {
        String res = route.substring(i,i+2);
    } while (i + 1 < route.length());

Edit: Added boundary case for the string has length less than 2

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