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C# Question

How to get the instance by name or type for a closed generic registration with Simple Injector?

I have the following closed generic registrations. How can I get the instance of

registration which is
if I have the name of the entity as 'Order'.

container.Register<IValidate<Customer>, CustomerValidator>();
container.Register<IValidate<Employee>, EmployeeValidator>();
container.Register<IValidate<Order>, OrderValidator>();
container.Register<IValidate<Product>, ProductValidator>();

void GetValidator(Container container, string entityName, Entity entity)
// TODO: Get the Validator from container

Please consider that no more interfaces should be created.

Answer Source

Since you have the actual Entity to validate available, you can use its type to build a closed IValidator<T> type and use it to resolve the required implementation. Either using reflection or dynamic typing (which is a wrapper around reflection) you can invoke this validator with the given entity.

Here's an example:

void GetValidator(Container container, string entityName, Entity entity)
    Type validatorType = typeof(IValidator<>).MakeGenericType(entity.GetType());
    dynamic validator = container.GetInstance(validatorType);
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