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Codeigniter passing multiple parameters to controller from view?

I have a system that is outputting a number of images, with a A link next to them to set them as the album cover.

I have multiple albums, and in my database have a field called "is_feature" that is set to 1 if the image is the cover, and 0 if it isnt.

I don't know the best way of selecting the image, i originally outputted something like below;

<a href="/admin/set_photo/'.$image_id.'" title="Set this photo as the feature photo">Set</a>

(image_id is the images id obviously), this function would call the model and set all other photos "is_feature" field to 0, and this photos "is_feature" to 1.

The problem is it is wiping all the other album features as well. I almost need to pass to variables in the A link, the first being the id of the image, the second being the id of the album, then my model function can only set "is_feature" to 0 where album_id = the id of the album passed.

Is there anyway to pass two variables like this? Or am i going about this in totally the wrong way?

Answer Source

Are you trying to do this?

<a href="/admin/set_photo?var1=<?php echo $image_id;?>&var2=<?php echo $size;?>" title="Set this photo as the feature photo">Set</a>

Then in the controller, use the variables passsed like this :

$iamge_id = $this->input->get('var1');
$image_size = $this->input->get('var2');
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