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how to load the local JSON variable using jquery datatable

I have a local JSON dataset. I want to use jquery datatable plugin to display it. Is there any setting or configuration inside datatable plugin to display data? All I can find is to make AJAX calls and server calls.

Thanks for the help.

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You can supply DataTables with data 4 different ways

In your situation, you will want to use the second (Javascript Array) option. You will need to be able to translate the shape of your JSON object into an array objects.

Here's an example

var json = {
  BrowserStats : [
    { engine: "Trident", browser: "IE 4.0", platform: "Win 95+", version: 4 },
    { engine: "Trident", browser: "IE 5.0", platform: "Win 95+", version: 5 },
    { engine: "Trident", browser: "IE 5.5", platform: "Win 95+", version: 5.5 }

var data =, function(el, i) {
  return new [el.engine, el.browser, el.platform, el.version];

$('#example').dataTable( {
  "aaData": data,
  "aoColumns": [
    { "sTitle": "Engine" },
    { "sTitle": "Browser" },
    { "sTitle": "Platform" },
    { "sTitle": "Version"}
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