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How to write Ternary operation condition in android XML while data binding

How to write the equivalent expression of Ternary operation in android xml while using data binding.

android:visibility="@{(assessmentquestionanswer.type.equals(@string/editText_type)? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE) || (assessmentquestionanswer.type.equals(@string/date)? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE)}"

Currently I am getting an error message as
must be able to find a common parent for boolean and int

Answer Source

Your way of implementation is wrong, your current condition is like

(assessmentquestionanswer.type.equals(@string/editText_type)?  View.VISIBLE : View.GONE) || (assessmentquestionanswer.type.equals(@string/date)?  View.VISIBLE : View.GONE)
                          View.VISIBLE                                                   ||                            View.VISIBLE

which is not right. It should be

android:visibility="@{(assessmentquestionanswer.type.equals(@string/editText_type) || assessmentquestionanswer.type.equals(@string/date)) ?  View.VISIBLE : View.GONE}"
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