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How to dynamically resize an image inside an email client?

Are there ways to resize an image to fit thew window the image is being viewed in WITHOUT javascript and limited CSS?

I ask because I have an email campaign that I send out that features a main image that I want as large as possible without scrolling. I have read ways to do this with javascript and jQuery but I do not see a way to do this that the majority of email clients will read and react to properly. Is this possible? And if so - How?

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This is how you should be able to do it

    /****this is the Css****/
    .full {
    /***end Css***/
   <!--Now the html--!>
   <img src="image/main.png" class="full">

Or you can go the simple way *update

you can do it like this

    <img src="image/main.png" style="width:100%; height:auto; border:none;" />

and if they have an option to put it as html to do it like that as it should render correctly like that

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