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MySQL Question

MySQL; find and replace

In my MySQL database I've some strings like this:

I'm something, Infos S. 12

The pattern I want to search for is:
, Infos S.
, than a number (only digits) and than string end. It's case-insensitive.

How can I search for it and remove it?

I have this
I'm something, Infos S. 12
and I want
I'm something

This is what I have so far:

UPDATE my_table SET title_col = REPLACE(title_col, SUBSTRING(title_col, LOCATE(', Infos S. ', title_col), LENGTH(title_col) - LOCATE(')', REVERSE(title_col)) - LOCATE(', Infos S. ', title_col) + 2), '') WHERE title_col LIKE '%(%)%';

How to do the rest?

If there's another comma it should get ignored.

I'm, something, Infos S. 12
(note the comma after
) should get
I'm, something

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Answer Source

You can use regexp to check if the column has the specified pattern and then use substring to update the string with substring upto the ,.

UPDATE my_table 
SET title_col = SUBSTRING(title_col,1,locate(', Infos',title_col)-1) 
WHERE title_col regexp ', Infos S\\. [0-9]+$'

regexp match is case-insensitive by default. If you want to make it case-sensitive, use regexp binary.

where title_col regexp binary ', Infos S\\. [0-9]+$'

Note: The solution assumes there is no , before , Infos S. in the string.

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