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How can I get external SD card path for Android 4.0+?

Samsung Galaxy S3 has an extrenal SD card slot, which is mounted to


My question is: how to get this path by something like
? This will return
, and I can't find API for external SD card. (Or removable USB storage on some tablets)

Thank you!

Answer Source

I have a variation on a solution I found here

public static HashSet<String> getExternalMounts() {
    final HashSet<String> out = new HashSet<String>();
    String reg = "(?i).*vold.*(vfat|ntfs|exfat|fat32|ext3|ext4).*rw.*";
    String s = "";
    try {
        final Process process = new ProcessBuilder().command("mount")
        final InputStream is = process.getInputStream();
        final byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
        while ( != -1) {
            s = s + new String(buffer);
    } catch (final Exception e) {

    // parse output
    final String[] lines = s.split("\n");
    for (String line : lines) {
        if (!line.toLowerCase(Locale.US).contains("asec")) {
            if (line.matches(reg)) {
                String[] parts = line.split(" ");
                for (String part : parts) {
                    if (part.startsWith("/"))
                        if (!part.toLowerCase(Locale.US).contains("vold"))
    return out;

The original method was tested and worked with

  • Huawei X3 (stock)
  • Galaxy S2 (stock)
  • Galaxy S3 (stock)

I'm not certain which android version these were on when they were tested.

I've tested my modified version with

  • Moto Xoom 4.1.2 (stock)
  • Galaxy Nexus (cyanogenmod 10) using an otg cable
  • HTC Incredible (cyanogenmod 7.2) this returned both the internal and external. This device is kinda an oddball in that its internal largely goes unused as getExternalStorage() returns a path to the sdcard instead.

and some single storage devices that use an sdcard as their main storage

  • HTC G1 (cyanogenmod 6.1)
  • HTC G1 (stock)
  • HTC Vision/G2 (stock)

Excepting the Incredible all these devices only returned their removable storage. There are probably some extra checks I should be doing, but this is at least a bit better than any solution I've found thus far.

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