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Pass Parameter or Arguments to a Background task in Uwp

I am creating a uwp app in which I want to take some data from user say from a textbox and then pass it to a background task. But when I am trying to add project reference to the background task I am getting a circular reference error. So is there any way to pass arguments maybe a overload of run function or anything else.
Thanks in advance.

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Romasz has explained it perfectly but in your case you can get the user data from the textbox by doing these steps:

1.Declare this in MainPage.xaml.cs(or your xaml page)

var localSettings = Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalSettings;
localSettings.Values["user"] = User.Text;

2.Now get the data in BackgroundTask.cs using these

var localSettings = Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalSettings;
string user = localSettings.Values["user"].ToString();

Here the variable user has the texbox data you wanted from the mainpage.

Note:I have assumed that you have named your textbox "User"

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