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Bluez, deinstallation before make from source?

i am using Fedora 24. For my thesis, i have to build BlueZ from the source, because I need the experimental features.
Now, what is the best practice? Do I have to remove BlueZ from the OS before I can reinstall it from the source? When i try to remove bluez with dnf, he wanna also remove httpd and other applications as dependencies.


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Best practice is probably to rebuild the RPM. We have bluez 5.39 in Fedora 23 (and 24) currently — this is one minor release behind the latest. If you need the newest, you could grab it from Rawhide, Fedora's development branch.

Then, modify the spec file to enable the experimental features you need (presumably in this case by putting --enable-experimental on the %configure line.

When you modify the specfile, add something like .experimental.1 to the end of the Release: field. That way, it will be counted as a newer update, and you can dnf update bluez-5.39-1.fc23.experimental.1.x86_64.rpm. (Update that final .1 whenever you make a change, as a form of rudimentary version control.) Then, use the DNF versionlock plugin to make sure updates don't override it, and when new versions come out, update at your leisure.

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