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Alternatives to System.exit(1)

For various reasons calling

is frowned upon when writing Java Applications, so how can I notify the calling process that not everything is going according to plan?

Edit: The 1 is a
for any non-zero exit code.

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The use of System.exit is frowned upon when the 'application' is really a sub-application (e.g. servlet, applet) of a larger Java application (server): in this case the System.exit could stop the JVM and hence also all other sub-applications. In this situation, throwing an appropriate exception, which could be caught and handled by the application framework/server is the best option.

If the java application is really meant to be run as a standalone application, there is nothing wrong with using System.exit. in this case, setting an exit value is probably the easiest (and also most used) way of communicating failure or success to the parent process.

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