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PHP Question


I recently was seeking a way to properly determine protocol, under which url request was supplied to the server.

I watched through

and though
superglobal variable, and found this:

header('Content-Type: text/plain');




However, I was unable to find it on or Google. Though, I was able to find this question. Q#1: If
wasn't documented, then it is probably unreliable, or it can be trusted?

I'am using
VC9 PHP 5.4.14 TS
under windows for development. But my production is under ubuntu. Q#2: Is this property also availible under ubuntu linux too?

Answer Source

It is hard to prove that it is reliable, but it is easy to prove that it is not reliable (if only I could provide a case which it does not work). And I can prove that it is unreliable because it does not work with IIS 7.0 + PHP 5.3

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