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bash script always prints "Command Not Found"

Every time I run a script using

bash scriptname.sh
from the command line in Debian, I get
Command Not found
and then the result of the script. So the script works but there is always a
Command Not Found
statement printed on screen.

I am running the script from the

Here is the script:


echo Hello World

I run it by typing the following:

bash testscript.sh

UPDATE - the problem appears to the blank lines. Each blank line is resulting in a command not found. Why would this occur?

Answer Source

Make sure your first line is:


Enter your path to bash if it is not /bin/bash

Try running:

dos2unix script.sh

That wil convert line endings, etc from Windows to unix format. i.e. it strips \r (CR) from line endings to change them from \r\n (CR+LF) to \n (LF).

More details about the dos2unix command (man page)

Another way to tell if your file is in dos/Win format:

cat scriptname.sh | sed 's/\r/<CR>/'

The output will look something like this:

echo Hello World<CR>

This will output the entire file text with <CR> displayed for each \r character in the file.

P.S. Sorry for the poor formatting, this was written from my iPhone while driving to work :p.

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