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Java Question

freemarker with spring - how to bind global data to a template?

I want to create a small project with spring mvc and freemarker.

I have created a small template and a layout:


<#import "layout/defaultLayout.ftl" as layout>
<div><h1>Hello Dude</h1></div>


<#macro myLayout>
<!-- menu -->

<!-- content -->

My question now:
How could I create a dynamic value(perhaps bean data)?
I do not want to add the data in each controller action.
What is a good solution to put such data to a complete layout that is not specific to a controller action?


I found my own solution. I need to use a ControllerAdvice annotation and a ModelAttribute annotation like this:

public class LayoutMenu {
    public String initMenu() {
        return "Hello Bar";

This solves my problem.