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How to display Japanese characters on a php page?

I'm trying to display Japanese characters on a PHP page. No loading from the database, just stored in a language file and echo'ed out.

I'm running into a weird scenario. I have the page properly setup with UTF-8 and I test a sample page on my local WAMP server and it works.

The moment I tested it out our development and production servers the characters don't display properly.

This leads me to believe then that it's a setting in php.ini. But I haven't found much information about this so I'm not really sure if this is the issue.

Is there something fundamental I'm missing?


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Since you've stated that it is working in your development environment and not in your live, you might want to check Apache's AddDefaultCharset and set this to UTF-8, if it's not already.

I tend to make sure the following steps are checked

  1. PHP Header is sent in UTF-8
  2. Meta tag is set to UTF-8 (Content-Type)
  3. Storage is set to UTF-8
  4. Server output is set to UTF-8

That seems to work for me. Hope this helps.

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