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Python Question

how to read non-zero part of intelhex file in python using IntelHex package

I'm trying to read part hex data from an intelhex file using Intelhex package of python 3.6. Using following code I opened the file and tried to convert to dictionary if it helps.

ih = IntelHex("data.hex")
mydict = ih.todict()

now I have an address

startAddress = some value

I want to read stored data starting from $startAddress delimited to the zero value. What's the best way to perform that?

Answer Source

The following code is the solution. First I converted the IntenHex file to the dictionary:

from intelhex import IntelHex
ih = IntelHex("sampleFile.hex")
ihdict = ih.todict()

Then iterated through the dictionary from startAddress to the place that value is None. I stored values in a string named datastr.

datastr = ""
startAddress = 500300
while ihdict.get(startAddress) != None:
    datastr += str("%0.2X" %ihdict.get(startAddress))
    startAddress += 1
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