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Firebase push notifications update DB

I'm trying to send some data to my users via the new Firebase push notifications service.

I'm adding some "key-value" custom data items with 'Message text' - "dbupdate" to detect if it's an update message or a normal push notification that I want to show my users.

In my receiver I check i there is custom data and run the update, if true.
If this isn't the case, I show a normal notification with the text message.

It works only when my application opened. If the application is closed, the notification is shown anyway, and my if check doesn't even running,

some code:

public class PushMessageService extends FirebaseMessagingService {
public void onMessageReceived(RemoteMessage remoteMessage) {
Map<String,String> data = remoteMessage.getData();
String link = data.get("link");
String name = data.get("name");
if (link!=null) {
UpdateHelper.Go(this, link, name);
else {
NotificationCompat.Builder mBuilder =
new NotificationCompat.Builder(this)
NotificationManager mNotificationManager =
(NotificationManager) getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);

example notficiation

Why is that so? What can I do to run my code even when the application closed?

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As per my experience with Firebase push:

Problem: When sending push notification through "Firebase console", notification is only received when application is in foreground. If the application is killed or in background, the notification is shown only in Version >= lollipop with incorrect notification icon and/or opening the default launcher activity in the app even if you have defined different Activity in PendingIntent.

As per Firebase docs, a push message is divided into 2 pars, they call them: Docs Link here

  1. notification
  2. data payload

enter image description here


There are two ways to send a "Push" message.

1. Firebase Console


2. Messaging API - Image showing a request using Advanced REST Client

Curl Request

Push message is received in onMessageReceived(...) method. Firebase onMessageReceived(...) method will not get called if the app is in background or killed only when the message is sent through Firebase Console.

If you send the message via API, it works fine. Message is delivered in onMessageReceived(...) method whether app is in background, foreground or killed. (Caution: This is working fine in >=Lollipop - Behaviour for Android 4.4 or below is still unpredictable.


You can send a push message from API (firebase call it downstream msg) like this:

Sending downstream messages from the server

To address or "target" a downstream message, the app server sets to with the receiving client app's registration token. You can send notification messages with predefined fields, or custom data messages; see Notifications and data in the message payload for details on payload support. Examples in this page show how to send data messages in HTTP and XMPP protocols.


{ "data": {
    "score": "5x1",
    "time": "15:10"
  "to" : "bk3RNwTe3H0:CI2k_HHwgIpoDKCIZvvDMExUdFQ3P1..."