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WPF Application - can't display data from a list in a datagrid

I'm a newbie with WPF and c# and have a (probably very simple) problem.

I'm coding a small application, and i'm trying to read data from a database, format it into a list, and display in a datagrid. Ive debugged it, and it I've successfully read the database, and all the data is in the list (

), but it's not passing the data to the datagrid.

Below is my XAML:

<DataGrid Name="DataGrid" AutoGenerateColumns="false" RowHeaderWidth="0" Width="240" >
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Name" ></DataGridTextColumn>
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Details"></DataGridTextColumn>
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Employee"></DataGridTextColumn>
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Date"></DataGridTextColumn>

My code behind file does
, then does some work to get the data from a DB, and put it in a list of

public class call_details
public string name;
public string details;
public string employee;
public string date;

public call_details()

Declare list & call detail objects

public call_details cd_rec = new call_details();
public List<call_details> cd_list = new List<call_details>();

Add records to the list


After this is done, I am trying to give the ItemsSource so that the data will show in the Datagrid, and have the following:

DataGrid.ItemsSource = cd_list;

but its not working. In the GUI, the Datagrid shows a grid, with the correct number of records that I expect, but they are all blank.So I guess that it is passing some info, just not the actual data.
It's probably a silly mistake which I have made due to being a novice, but I can't find anything else out there to help me.


Answer Source

All those fields need to be exposed as public properties with at least a getter (this is a requirement of the binding-system). Then you need to bind to the properties or just use the auto-generated columns.

public string Name { get; private set; }
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Name" Binding="{Binding Name}" />

If you are new to WPF i highly recommend reading some of the articles on MSDN. e.g. the Data Binding Overview.

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