Payam Sh Payam Sh - 1 year ago 149
CSS Question

background-size:cover not working in android native browser

I'm trying to fit a background image to it's container using

here is my fiddle : The Fiddle

it works in all browsers but not working in Android native browser..
anybody has any solution please ? thanks

Answer Source

After searching about this problem and finding no solution, I deleted background-image from CSS file styles and used an inline style in HTML codes. The problem with android native browser is solved.

I updated the fiddle and it's working in android native browser.

The Updated Fiddle

it seems that android also has problem with parsing background format like this :

background: url('...') fixed center center / cover;

and we should separate the background-image form others and use it inline, and then use each option separately in css file, like this :

background-size: cover;
background-position: center center;
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