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PHP Question

preg_match: check birthday format (dd/mm/yyyy)

How do I make the expression which checks the birthday input to match a format like this dd/mm/yyyy? Below is what I came out so far, but it takes this too if I put 99/99/9999!

if (!preg_match("/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{4}/", $cnt_birthday))
$error = true;
echo '<error elementid="cnt_birthday" message="BIRTHDAY - Only this birthday format - dd/mm/yyyy - is accepted."/>';

How can I make sure that its only 01 to 31 for dd and 01 to 12 for mm? but I am sure how to restrict yyyy... I think theoritical 9999 should be acceptable... let me know if you have a better idea!


Answer Source

Based on Tim's checkdate based solution:

The extraction of day, month and year can easily be done using explode as:

list($dd,$mm,$yyyy) = explode('/',$cnt_birthday);
if (!checkdate($mm,$dd,$yyyy)) {
        $error = true;
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