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How to make only some columns editable in a Vaadin Grid?

Vaadin Grid allows to be defined as editable with


This makes all visible columns editable. However I don't want the user to edit an specific column, but seems like the editable is an all or nothing.

The next best solution I have found is to define an editor field with a disabled editor, which almost does the trick but the user is still able to select the text and move the cursor (but the field is not editable anymore).

Grid.Column nameColumn = grid.getColumn("fullName");
nameColumn.setHeaderCaption("Full Name");


private Field<?> getNoEditableTextField() {
TextField noEditableTextFiled = new TextField();
return noEditableTextFiled;

I believe Label cannot be used because it's not a Field.

Is there a better option to achieve this?

edit: as aakath said, there is a way of achieving this not enabling the column to be edited, but in doing so the cell value disappears when you edit the row, which is not desirable.

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Answer Source

my solution is below. i have just finished. it was not tested too much. but it may give you some ideas.




private Field<?> getNoEditableField(final String columnName) {
    CustomField<Label> result = new CustomField() {
        protected Component getContent() {
            Label result = (Label) super.getContent();
            Object editedItemId = getEditedItemId();
            String value = DEFAULT_VALUE;
            if (editedItemId != null) {
                value = CustomizableGrid.this.toString(getContainerDataSource().getItem(editedItemId).getItemProperty(columnName).getValue());
            return result;

        protected Component initContent() {
            Label result = new Label(DEFAULT_VALUE, ContentMode.HTML);
            return result;

        public Class getType() {
            return Label.class;
    result.setConverter(new Converter<Label, Object>() {
    //converter for your data

    return result;
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