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Python: change "- hrs - min - sec' string into minutes decimal

I am currently working on a project in Python (had to self-teach myself Python, still currently learning) that takes data from a csv file given to me.

I am currently stuck on how I would loop through the list to translate a string from a list such as "2 hrs 5 min 15 sec" into a decimal and saves it as another list/array.

I know about H:M:S, but in some areas of the list, it is just "8 min 4 sec", so it varies from having an hour count to just having minutes and seconds.


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There are multiple options to parse these time strings. Here is one way to do it (probably not the most short one, but an easy to understand) - using time.strptime() to load the time string by trial and error using 3 different formats:

import time
from datetime import timedelta

def get_seconds(item):
        x = time.strptime(item, '%H hrs %M min %S sec')
    except ValueError:
            x = time.strptime(item, '%M min %S sec')
        except ValueError:
            x = time.strptime(item, '%S sec')
    return timedelta(hours=x.tm_hour, minutes=x.tm_min, seconds=x.tm_sec).total_seconds()

l = [
    "2 hrs 5 min 15 sec",
    "8 min 4 sec",
    "2 sec"

for item in l:

Prints the total number of seconds for every time string:

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