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How to create a date object for tomorrow at 8am

I am normally pretty good with this, but I am having trouble with the

object. I need a
object set for tomorrow at 8am (relatively). How would I do this and what is the simplest method?

Answer Source

Here's how WWDC 2011 session 117 - Performing Calendar Calculations taught me:

NSDate* now = [NSDate date] ;

NSDateComponents* tomorrowComponents = [NSDateComponents new] ;
tomorrowComponents.day = 1 ;
NSCalendar* calendar = [NSCalendar currentCalendar] ;
NSDate* tomorrow = [calendar dateByAddingComponents:tomorrowComponents toDate:now options:0] ;

NSDateComponents* tomorrowAt8AMComponents = [calendar components:(NSEraCalendarUnit|NSYearCalendarUnit|NSMonthCalendarUnit|NSDayCalendarUnit) fromDate:tomorrow] ;
tomorrowAt8AMComponents.hour = 8 ;
NSDate* tomorrowAt8AM = [calendar dateFromComponents:tomorrowAt8AMComponents] ;

Too bad iOS doesn't have [NSDate dateWithNaturalLanguageString:@"tomorrow at 8:00 am"]. Thanks, rmaddy, for pointing that out.

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