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Android Question

Error:Unable to locate adb within SDK in Android Studio

Does anyone know what this means? I'm kind of noobish to Android. When I click the "run" button on my simulator I get this message.

Throwable: Unable to locate adb within SDK

I am running the latest version,

EDIT: I'm using Android Studio

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The ADB is now located in the Android SDK platform-tools.

Check your [sdk directory]/platform-tools directory and if it does not exist, then open the SDK manager in the Android Studio (a button somewhere in the top menu, android logo with a down arrow), switch to SDK tools tab and and select/install the Android SDK Platform-tools.

Alternatively, you can try the standalone SDK Manager: Open the SDK manager and you should see a "Launch Standalone SDK manager" link somewhere at the bottom of the settings window. Click and open the standalone SDK manager, then install/update the

"Tools > Android SDK platform tools".

If the above does not solve the problem, try reinstalling the tools: open the "Standalone SDK manager" and uninstall the Android SDK platform-tools, delete the [your sdk directory]/platform-tools directory completely and install it again using the SDK manager.

Hope this helps!

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