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Python Question

Python module with access to english dictionaries including definitions of words

I am looking for a python module that helps me get the definition(s) from an english dictionary for a word.

There is of course

, which helps me check if the word exists in the English language, but it does not provide definitions of them (at least I don't see anything like that in the docs)

There is also WordNet, which is accessible with NLTK. It has definitions and even sample sentences, but WordNet does not contain all English words. Common words like "how", "I", "You", "should", "could"... are not part of WordNet.

Is there any python module that gives access to a full english dictionary including definitions of words?

Answer Source

Wordnik seems to have quite a nice API, and a nice-looking Python module too. It has definitions, example sentences, etc. so you should be covered. It does also have common words like "how", "should", and "could."

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