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mockito callbacks and getting argument values

I'm not having any luck getting Mockito to capture function argument values! I am mocking a search engine index and instead of building an index, I'm just using a hash.

// Fake index for solr
Hashmap<Integer,Document> fakeIndex;

// Add a document 666 to the fakeIndex
SolrIndexReader reader = Mockito.mock(SolrIndexReader.class);

// Give the reader access to the fake index

I can't use arbitrary arguments because I'm testing the results of queries (ie which documents they return). Likewise, I don't want to specify a specific value for and have a line for each document!


I looked at the callbacks section on the Using Mockito page. Unfortunately, it isn't Java and I couldn't get my own interpretation of that to work in Java.

EDIT (for clarification):
How do I get get Mockito to capture an argument X and pass it into my function? I want the exact value (or ref) of X passed to the function.

I do not want to enumerate all cases, and arbitrary argument won't work because I'm testing for different results for different queries.

The Mockito page says

val mockedList = mock[List[String]]
mockedList.get(anyInt) answers { i => "The parameter is " + i.toString }

That's not java, and I don't know how to translate into java or pass whatever happened into a function.

Answer Source

I've never used Mockito, but want to learn, so here goes. If someone less clueless than me answers, try their answer first!

Mockito.when(reader.document(anyInt())).thenAnswer(new Answer() {
 public Object answer(InvocationOnMock invocation) {
     Object[] args = invocation.getArguments();
     Object mock = invocation.getMock();
     return document(fakeIndex((int)(Integer)args[0]));
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