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How do I combine a background-image and CSS3 gradient on the same element?

How do I use CSS3 gradients for my

and then apply a
to apply some sort of light transparent texture?

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Yes, it is.

body {
  background: #eb01a5;
  background-image: url("IMAGE_URL"); /* fallback */
  background-image: url("IMAGE_URL"), linear-gradient(#eb01a5, #d13531); /* W3C */

These 2 lines are the fallback for any browser that doesn't do gradients. See notes for stacking images only IE < 9 below.

  • Line 1 sets a flat background color.
  • Line 2 sets the background image fallback.

The final line sets a background image and gradient for browsers that can handle them.

  • Line 3 is for all relatively modern browsers.

See for browser support and prefixes. For a good post on why you don't need multiple browser prefixes, see

For more information about background layering see

Stacking images ONLY (no gradients in the declaration) For IE < 9

IE9 and up can stack images this same way. You could use this to create a gradient image for ie9, though personally, I wouldn't. However to be noted when using only images, ie < 9 will ignore the fallback statement and not show any image. This does not happen when a gradient is included. To use a single fallback image in this case I suggest using Paul Irish's wonderful Conditional HTML element along with your fallback code:

.lte9 #target{ background-image: url("IMAGE_URL"); }

Background position, sizing etc.

Other properties that would apply to a single image may also be comma separated. If only 1 value is supplied, that will be applied to all stacked images including the gradient. background-size: 40px; will constrain both the image and the gradient to 40px height and width. However using background-size: 40px, cover; will make the image 40px and the gradient will cover the element.

The same applies to background-position, background-repeat, etc.

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