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PyWinAuto still useful?

I've been playing with PyWinAuto today and having fun automating all sorts GUI tests. I was wondering if it is still state of the art or if there might be something else (also free) which does windows rich client automation better.

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pywinauto is great because it's Python.

Perhaps a bit more full featured is AutoIT, which has a COM server that you can automate (from Python using win32com), and some cool tools, like a "Window Info" utility, which will give you the text (title), class, size, status-bar text, and so on for the window currently under the mouse cursor.

There are some cases where pywinauto is a bit harder to use than AutoIt, and seems a little less polished. One example is automating Inno Setup programs. The Inno Setup "setup.exe" program launches a separate application that actually performs the install, and it's a pain to track this down with pywinauto, but AutoIt makes it easy.

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