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Azure Copy blob to different premium storage account

I'm trying to copy one blob, specifically a vhd, from on storage account to another storage account. The app that I am writing has owner access to both storage accounts and can run other operation on these storage accounts. The vhd does not have a lease on it (not attached a VM). I have the following code but get a 403 forbidden response.

StorageCredentials scSource = new StorageCredentials(SourceStorageName, strSourceStorageKey);
StorageCredentials scTarget = new StorageCredentials(TargetStorageName, strTargetStorageKey);
CloudStorageAccount csaSource = new CloudStorageAccount(scSource, true);
CloudStorageAccount csaTarget = new CloudStorageAccount(scTarget, true);
CloudBlobClient cbcSource = csaSource.CreateCloudBlobClient();
CloudBlobClient cbcTarget = csaTarget.CreateCloudBlobClient();
CloudBlobContainer bcSource = cbcSource.GetContainerReference(SourceContainer);
CloudBlobContainer bcTarget = cbcTarget.GetContainerReference(TargetContainer);
CloudBlob cbSource = bcSource.GetBlobReference(strSourceDiskName);
CloudBlob cbTarget = bcTarget.GetBlobReference(strTargetDiskName);
Task<string> tskCopy = cbTarget.StartCopyAsync(cbSource.Uri);
while (tskCopy.Status != TaskStatus.RanToCompletion)
if (tskCopy.Exception != null)
throw tskCopy.Exception;

Not sure why this is happening because I am able to copy a blob from one storage account to another via other tools (cloud berry etc).


Answer Source

Kudos to Gaurav Mantri for pointing me in the right direction. After looking up Shared Access Signature I came upon this article from Microsoft

This code to be specific:

    SharedAccessBlobPolicy sasConstraints = new SharedAccessBlobPolicy();
    sasConstraints.SharedAccessStartTime = DateTime.UtcNow.AddMinutes(-5);
    sasConstraints.SharedAccessExpiryTime = DateTime.UtcNow.AddHours(24);
    sasConstraints.Permissions = SharedAccessBlobPermissions.Read | SharedAccessBlobPermissions.Write;

    //Generate the shared access signature on the blob, setting the constraints directly on the signature.
    string sasBlobToken = blob.GetSharedAccessSignature(sasConstraints);

    //Return the URI string for the container, including the SAS token.
    return blob.Uri + sasBlobToken;
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