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Image is not showing in browser?

<body style="background-color: paleturquoise">
<h2 style="color: red">Duke's soccer League: Home Page<br/></h2>
<ul style="list-style-type: circle">
<li style="font-size: larger"><a href="league_list.in">All Leagues list</a></li>
<li style="font-size: larger">Register for a League (TBA)<br/><br/></li>
<h2 style="color: red">League Administrator</h2>
<ul style="list-style-type: square">
<li style="font-size: larger"><a href="add_league.in">Add a new League (TBA)</a></li>

<img src="C:\Users\VIRK\Desktop\66.jpg" width="400" height="400" ></img>


I am currently practice with JSP and I try this html code to make a web page on NetBeans IDE 7.0 but when I'm build and run the page no error in code but the image is not showing in the browser.


enter image description here

Here I have given the screenshot of the NetBeans IDE where you can see the image is existing in Web-INF folder and the index.jsp page too and I tried with
before the image name but it won't work. The exact path of my project is C:\Users\VIRK\Documents\NetBeansProjects\practiceJSP .

<img src="/66.jpg" width="400" height="400" ></img>

Answer Source

I find out the way how to set the image path just remove the "/" before the destination folder as "images/66.jpg" not "/images/66.jpg" And its working fine for me.

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