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Bootstrap-3-Typeahead getting right json key

I am useing this plugin for an ajax auto complete feature
the bootstrap-3 type. The code below is working but I do not know why it works. Specifically how the the process and response parameter work.

$(document).ready(function() {
autoSelect: true,
minLength: 1,
delay: 400,
source: function (query, process) {
url: '/api/location',
data: {sstr: query},
dataType: 'json'
.done(function(response) {

// console.log(response)
return process(response);

my json looks like this

"id": "123",
"name": "Frederiksted",
"state": "VI",
"zip_code": "840"

What if i wanted to autocomplete to populated based on on the zip_code field how would i do it?
I have tried doing "response.zipcode" but it comes out as undefined

Answer Source

First, response.zipcode will be undefined because response is a Array not a Object. You access zipcode by response[0].zip_code ( And also note that your property name is not 'zipcode' it is 'zip_code' ).

Second, documentation of the "source" property says: The data source to query against. May be an array of strings, an array of JSON object with a name property or a function.

So, what you give to the "process" method most probably should be a array of strings or array of JSON objects where each JSON object has a "name" property. If your response is correct and returns an array of objects like you say, then it means your objects each have a 'name' property,so that property is displayed. If you want to display something else, you need to create a new String array from the response:

So I would try this:

 .done(function(response) {
     // get the response and create a new array of Strings
     var names = $.map (response, function(item) {
          return item.name + '-' + item.zip_code;
     // console.log(response)
     return process(names);

or another way:

.done(function(response) {
 // get the response and change the 'name' of each object
 $.each (response, function() {
       this.name = this.name + '-' + this.zip_code;
 // console.log(response)
 return process(response);
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