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JSON Question

log json with serilog

I would like to log any json into serilog properties. I have read a lot about serilog and json, but it is a structured json logging, with a message template. So instead of logging this

I would like to do this:

var json="{ \"text\": \"hello\" }"; //a json string or a Json object

The main difference is that with the first approach, you have a message template and always you have a "text" property. I would like to have json with different structures, for example if then I have:

var json="{ \"text\": \"hello\", \"text2\": \"hello2\" }"; //a json string or a Json object

I would like to obtain 2 properties, that is, 1 property for each json property, without having to define a message Template. Is this possible? do I have to implement my own JsonFormatter?

Answer Source

I have used a in log4net to send to Seq. So, when emiting the message, I have added into the threadContext a property for every JProperty in the Json, at the first level only. Now in Seq, I can search by any of the json property. This is an example (take care that message variable should be a Json string before calling this methods).

private void AddProperties(string message)
            var parsedObject = JObject.Parse(message);
            foreach (JProperty prop in parsedObject.Properties())

        private void AddProperty(JProperty message)
            log4net.ThreadContext.Properties[message.Name] = message.Value.ToString();
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