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Android: Issue with in-app billing

I am integrating in-app billing in my application. But, I'm facing issues in testing my app. Every time, I try to purchase an in app item. A wired message comes up The item you were attempting purchase could not be found. On Logcat, following appeared up:

09-10 14:45:02.437: E/IabHelper(12617): Launching buy intent for premium. Request code: 10001
09-10 14:45:02.523: E/Finsky(11260): [8464] FileBasedKeyValueStore.delete: Attempt to delete 'paramspXaplU_vTGhfGqvnmPPddQ' failed!
09-10 14:45:04.000: E/Volley(11260): [8448] BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 500 for

After I click OK, logcat showed the following:

09-10 14:45:05.546: E/TrivialDrive(12617): onActivityResult(10001,0,Intent { (has extras) }
09-10 14:45:05.546: E/IabHelper(12617): Ending async operation: launchPurchaseFlow
09-10 14:45:05.546: E/IabHelper(12617): Purchase canceled - Response: 2:Unknown
09-10 14:45:05.546: E/TrivialDrive(12617): Purchase finished: IabResult: User canceled. (response: -1005:User cancelled), purchase: null
09-10 14:45:05.546: E/TrivialDrive(12617): **** TrivialDrive Error: Error purchasing: IabResult: User canceled. (response: -1005:User cancelled)

I had checked following things numerous times:

  1. I am registered with same google account on my testing device that I had set as test account.

  2. All In-app products I created are active.

  3. I uploaded the apk in alpha channel, it is mentioned that draft mode is no longer supported.

  4. I had verified the license key for my application from the developer console.

  5. Someone suggested to reboot my device once. I did that also.

  6. I had installed the same apk on my device that I had uploaded to Google Play. Both are signed with same certificate.

  7. It is mentioned that, one should wait for atleast 2-3 hours in order to get apk recognized. For me, its been more than 15 hours.

  8. Also, my test account is different from merchant account.

I modified the Google's sample as well as created my own sample. In both cases, I am facing same problem.

Update: I am testing IAB from my client's developer account. I noticed that her merchant wallet account is still not verified. I am not sure, if this is the root cause of this issue.

Answer Source

The cause of this problem was pretty dumb, after uploading app to alpha channel, it needs to published. I was not publishing it, so it remained in draft mode. After I published the app, it worked within an hour.

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