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How do i add Firefox extensions to GeckoFX?

i'v been googling around for the whole day searching for a tutorial how to use Firefox extensions in "Geckofx" ( ) couldn't find any.
anyone has an idea ?

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Please see this ticket in the Geckofx repository. I believe it is the closest answer you will be able to get:

This appears to be related to a bug in Geckofx. Here is the most helpful comment on that page:

First, add the location where the extension is deployed using

void RegisterExtensionDir(string dir)
    Console.WriteLine("Registering binary extension directory:  " + dir);
    var chromeDir = (nsIFile)Xpcom.NewNativeLocalFile(dir);
    var chromeFile = chromeDir.Clone();
    chromeFile.Append(new nsAString("chrome.manifest"));

Second, do NOT use the ABI flag in the extension's chrome.manifest. So instead of

binary-component components/GeckoScraper.dll ABI=WINNT_x86-msvc

I used

binary-component components/GeckoScraper.dll