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remove html code after a certain character php

Question: I have full html code inserted into mysql database. I want to remove everything after

Product Description
. How would I do it?

<p>hjfsdgfsgdfjsdgfjgdsjfgsdjgfjsdgf </p>
<p>Product Description</p>

I want to store into the database again with the html format.

Answer Source

Answering to the question proposed in the comments of your original question, you can do something like this:

preg_replace("/<div class=\"ui-box product-description-main\".*/sm", " ",$your_html_goes_here);

This removes everything after the div element with classes 'ui-box' and 'product-description-main'.

By the same token, answering your original question is fairly simple:

preg_replace("/(<p>Product Description<\/p>).*/sm", "$1", $your_html_goes_here);

This removes everything after the paragraph 'Product Description'. If you need more information about the regex proposed in my answer,let me know.

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