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Perl Question

Has anyone been able to get to add attachments?

If so can you provide the code. I am able to do almost everything else from creating new pages, modifying page attributes etc.. But I cannot seem to add attachments. I have read the official conflunce Perl XML-RPC site and discussions but all the code fragments they show there don't seem to work for me. Here is my hacked up attempt at it:

# The following command sort of worked:
# ~/bin/ -action attach_file -url $MYURL
# IT attached something but the file was empty
sub attach_file {
my $confluence = XMLRPC::Lite->proxy($opts{server}."rpc/xmlrpc");
my $token = $confluence->call("confluence1.login", $opts{login}, $opts{password})->result();

# Fetch page
my $page = FetchPage($opts{title});
if (not $page) {
dbg("$opts{title} page is missing.","FATAL");

my $pageId = SOAP::Data->type( string => $$page{id} );

my $filename = "$ENV{HOME}/tmp/tmp0.gif";
my $metadata = {
fileName => $filename,
contentType => "image/gif",
comment => "Some random GIF",
if (not open FILE, "< $filename") {
dbg("Could not open file $filename: $!\n","FATAL");
binmode FILE;
my $data;
$data .= $_ while (<FILE>);
my $call = $confluence->addAttachment($pageId, $metadata, $data);

my $fault = $call->fault();
if (defined $fault) {
dbg("could not attach $filename" . $call->faultstring(), "FATAL");
else {
print "attached $filename\n";

Answer Source

You were 95% of the way there. The secret sauce for me:

$data .= $_ while (<FILE>);
my $escaped_data = new RPC::XML::base64($data);
my $call = $confluence->addAttachment($pageId, $metadata, $escaped_data);

I'm sure this is way too late to be helpful, but maybe someone else will bump into it some day.

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