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MySQL Question

Decrypting Password Not working Login

I recently changed the hashing on passwords however since doing so I have had some issues with logging , I have registration working but cannot get my login to work can someone see why I keep getting wrong username or password .


if (isset($_POST['login'])){

$cookie_name = "loggedin";

// connection handler link
$con = new mysqli('localhost', 'xxx', 'xxx', 'xxx');
// in case theres no link to connection
if (mysqli_connect_error()){
echo mysqli_connect_error();
//echo "we good on connection so far";
echo "<br>";


// The (? ?) below are parameter markers used for variable binding
$sql = "SELECT * FROM `tbl1` WHERE `username` = ? ".
"AND `password` = ?";
if ( !$sql )
echo "Died on query";
die('mysqli error: '.mysqli_error($con));


// prepare function statement ,link
$stmt = $con->prepare($sql);

$user= $_POST['username'];
$user= mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $user);

//$pass= mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $pass)

$phash = password_hash($pass, PASSWORD_DEFAULT );

// bind variable parameters
mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "ss", $user , $phash); // bind variables s' is a string for username , s' is a string for password
if ( !mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt) )
echo "Died on bind variable parameters";
die( 'stmt error: '.mysqli_stmt_error($stmt) );


mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt); //excute the preapared login statement

if ($stmt->fetch())

// this line fails to verify password
$phash = password_verify($pass,$stmt);
echo "User logged in";

$cookie_value = $user;
setcookie($cookie_name , $cookie_value, time() + (8000), "/");

header("Location: ../index.php");
echo "<center>";
echo '<br />';
echo '<font color="red">Wrong username or password</font>';
echo "<hr>";

echo "Wrong username or password";
echo "</center>";
} // end else

} // end isset login

//register option

Thanks in advance for any help

Answer Source

You're problem is you are using an SQL statement to select based on username and password. This will not work because password_hash returns a different result every time because a unique salt is generated each time.

You have to select the user, then verify the password using password_verify. If it does not verify, they have not logged in.

Side note:

Your if ( !$sql ) check doesn't really do anything because it does not make any queries, you just created a string which will always be truthy.

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