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Inno Setup Postpone locked file replacing to the next restart during silent installation

In Inno Setup installer (5.5.1(a)) during upgrade

is being replaced. When the exe is locked, it is showing error

DeleteFile failed; code 5.

Access is denied.

Abort, Retry, Ignore

How to suppress message during silent upgrade please help me. By default during silent installation it should take Ignore option without any error.

enter image description here.

Answer Source

I do not think it makes sense to ignore/skip the file. I assume you need to replace it during upgrade, don't you?

You can have a different entry for silent and non-silent installations:

Source: C:\path\MyProg.exe; Dest: {app}; Check: not WizardSilent
Source: C:\path\MyProg.exe; Dest: {app}; Flags: restartreplace; Check: WizardSilent
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