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jQuery Question

Button Click event fires when pressing Enter key in different input (no forms)

This logic is firing when pressing "Enter" in the "Amount" input, and I don't believe it should (it doesn't in Chrome). How can I prevent this, and if not prevent it in IE, handle it so that the logic in the click event does not fire.

<div id="page">
<div id="financed_amount">
<h1>Financed Amount:</h1>
<input type="text" id="amount" value="" />
<h1>Finance Options</h1>
<a id="shareLink" rel="leanModal" name="email" href="#email"></a>
<button id="btnShare" class="share">Share this report</button>


$("#btnShare").click(function (e) {
// This logic is firing when pressing "Enter" in the "Amount" input

  • Jquery: 1.7.2

  • IE 9

  • (Works in Chrome)

Answer Source

I had the same problem and solved it by adding type="button" attribute to the <button> element, by which IE thinks the button as a simple button instead of a submit button (which is default behavior of a <button> element).

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