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JSON Question

Angular.js format date from json object

My json response look like this:

[{"Id":"dab4580b-e24d-49f8-9fd5-2e968b10d3b5","Title":"MVVM-Sidekick 入精","CreatedOn":"\/Date(1390272893353)\/","IsChecked":false},{"Id":"66a0f134-e240-4cc4-96fa-ac3807853ca7","Title":"Windows Phone 开发入精","CreatedOn":"\/Date(1390018447080)\/","IsChecked":false}]

the "CreatedOn" date is in this kind of format: '/Date(1390272893353)/'

when I bind this result to html table, the date cannot be formatted:

<td>{{item.CreatedOn | date: 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm'}}</td>

still gives me:


I don't want to change any code on the server side (don't modify the json string), what's the best way to format this date?

Answer Source

One option is to write another filter and put it in the chain. E.g.:

app.filter("mydate", function() {
    var re = /\\\/Date\(([0-9]*)\)\\\//;
    return function(x) {
        var m = x.match(re);
        if( m ) return new Date(parseInt(m[1]));
        else return null;

Basically it uses the regular expression to parse the string and make a Date (if the format is different than the one shown, you will have to tweak the regular expression).

Use it as:

<td>{{item.CreatedOn | mydate | date: 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm'}}</td>
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