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Integrating R with existing C# website

We have existing website built in C# and hosted on a shared Windows server. The aim is to build a simple app within existing website that would take in some data, entered by user, and process it using some R scripts (some statistics) and publish the output on the website in a static (dynamic?) format.

Basic requirements:

  1. Secure

  2. Relatively inexpensive

  3. Low maintenance requirements

What are the existing options?

  • Does Microsoft offer an out-of-the-box solution, given their heavy activity (Revolution R)?

  • R.NET could be used if the hosting company (private hosting) allowed R installation on their server (website hosted there). I’m not sure how good this solution would be, however.

  • What are the other options apart from Shiny?

Old entry on similar issue on SO: Where can I find a hosting service with R?

Answer Source

A Shiny app can absolutely be integrated into a webpage, typically as an iframe hosted by, and embedded into your website. See Shiny homepage for an example. You can see some pointers in Embedding a Shiny application in a html document on Google Groups.

A solution more in line with what was asked is to use a server application like RServe to facilitate communication between a running R session and a .NET/C# application. Since RServe allows for remote connections, it can be used by an existing website, with the RServer running on a different server.

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