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How to get protected property of object in PHP

I have a object having some protected property that I want to get and set. The object looks like

Fields_Form_Element_Location Object
[helper] => formText
[_allowEmpty:protected] => 1
[_autoInsertNotEmptyValidator:protected] => 1
[_belongsTo:protected] =>

[_description:protected] =>
[_disableLoadDefaultDecorators:protected] =>
[_errorMessages:protected] => Array

[_errors:protected] => Array
[_isErrorForced:protected] =>
[_label:protected] => Current City

[_value:protected] => 93399
[class] => field_container field_19 option_1 parent_1

I want to get
property of the object. When I try
it generates error. I searched and found the solution to use
PHP Reflection Class
. It worked on my local but on server PHP version is
So I cannot use this function there. So any solution how to get such property?

Answer Source

That's what "protected" is meant for, as the Visibility chapter explains:

Members declared protected can be accessed only within the class itself and by inherited and parent classes.

If you need to access the property from outside, pick one:

  • Don't declare it as protected, make it public instead
  • Write a couple of functions to get and set the value (getters and setters)

If you don't want to modify the original class (because it's a third-party library you don't want to mess) create a custom class that extends the original one:

class MyFields_Form_Element_Location extends Fields_Form_Element_Location{

... and add your getter/setter there.

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