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Textangular HTML mode clears model value

We decided to change our backend CMS to use text-angular's WYSIWYG editor. The content pulls from the database just fine, it gets rendered just fine, but the instant we go to view the HTML source, the text is there for an instant and then it disappears. I've turned off sanitization with the ta-unsafe-sanitizer="true" . The weird thing is, if I manually step through the angular code that does the digesting, eventually the text is rendered and it stays on the screen. If I run it without breakpoints, it clears the text.

I'm not sure if it is sanitization or some sort of race condition inside Angular. Anyone else run into this?


<div text-angular ta-toolbar="[['h1','h2','h3'],['bold','italics','underline'],['ul','ol'],['outdent','indent'],['html'],['insertImage']]" ng-model="updatePageTranslation.Content" ta-unsafe-sanitizer="true"></div>


$scope.updatePageTranslation.Content = 'large html portion here';

The scope of the form is set as follows:

<div class="widget" ng-controller="PageController">

Everything gets loaded fine and other fields of the form show the values correctly. The initial render of the content is correct. It is just when switching to HTML view that it goes blank. Clicking Html again switches back to the visual view, which is correct. But if I save, the value sent to the server is now blank.

I can even copy and paste the value into site's demo textbox and have the same issue.

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This was a strange one to figure out, but thanks to @HanletEsca├▒o, I was able to find my way. When returning the content from the server, I had to do the following in order to pre-sanitize it so that you could switch back and forth between the HTML and rendered view:

Content.Replace(Environment.NewLine, "").Replace("\n", "").Replace("\r", "").Replace("\t", "").Replace("  ", "");

The important one is that last replace, where we replace two spaces with nothing. This seemed to be the final trick. We were coming from a previous WYSIWYG editor where we could make the HTML look nice, but with this editor, everything has to be condensed.

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