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R Question

R - apply function to data frames serially

I have dataframe mydf and I've split it to get number of data frames like

mydf$'1' mydf$'2'...mydf$'n'
I wish to apply my function on these data frames to get resultdf like

resultdf1 <- myfunc(mydf$'1')
resultdf2 <- myfunc(mydf$'2')
resultdfn <- myfunc(mydf$'n')

and so on...Since there are about 35 data frames from the split. How can I reduce my effort without manually writing for each frame name and resultdf.

I tried lapply but didn't work out correctly.
Any help will be appreciated.


Answer Source

Calling split on a data frame should give you a list of smaller data frames. So perhaps it would just make sense to call lapply on this split list, e.g.

mydf.split <- split(mydf, mydf$col)
list.result <- lapply(mydf.split, function(x) { /* do something */ })

The above would yield another list, with each node containing the result of your function. If you want to get back a vector instead, you could use sapply. For example, if you wanted the number of rows in each of your split data frames, you could do

mydf.counts <- sapply(mydf.split, function(x) nrow(x))
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