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Gerrit configuration; Unable to create new object

In the documentation of the Jenkins "Gerrit Trigger" plugin is written that is needed the following configuration in Gerrit:

Gerrit web interface > People > Create New Group : "Event Streaming
Users". Add your jenkins user.

Admin > Projects > All-Projects > Access > Edit Global Capabilities
Stream Events: ALLOW for Event Streaming Users

When trying to save the changes, e.g. adding "ALLOW for Event Streaming Users" I get an error from the Gerrit server:

Code Review - Error

Server Error

Unable to create new object: /home/gerrit2/gerrit-github-installation/git/All-Projects.git/objects/4c/3f6c52b57811228a96b41469517040487bb7b

It seems to be some access right at the server that are wrong but I can not figure out where I need to update. Note: I'm a Gerrit "administrator".

Answer Source

First of all: check if you are a Gerrit administrator, only administrators can change the access permissions of the All-Projects project. If you are not an administrator, ask to someone to do this for you.

Then: check which user executes the GerritCodeReview process (ps -elf | grep GerritCodeReview) and if this user has permission to create files in /home/gerrit2/gerrit-github-installation/git/‌​t/objects. If something is wrong, adjust the filesystem permission accordingly (chown or/and chmod commands).

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