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How to xmlstarlet on multiple files and append the output?

I am using CSH Shell.

My Current Working xmlstarlet command (does an xmlstarlet operation on a single file and the result is pasted in an output text file):

xmlstarlet sel -t -m '//RESULT_STEP' -v '@time_stamp' -o '|' -v '@step_name' --nl Report1.xml > /scratch/rys/view_storage/out.txt

Now I need to this on multiple files Report1.xml and Report2.xml and store the appended result in an output file like above.

Is it possible to do this with xmlstarlet?

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You'd use your shell to do it. Example for bash:

  for xmlfile in Report1.xml Report2.xml
    xmlstarlet sel ... "$xmlfile"
} > .../out.txt