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AngularJS Question

How to refresh the page upon successful submission using angularJS

Hi how to refresh an html page upon successful submission?
I've tried as follows, but its not working.

$scope.submit =function(){
data = {};
angular.extend(data, $scope.final_data);
angular.extend(data, { checks : $scope.final_data.checks });
$'{% url 'submit' %}', data).success(
alert('succesfully submitted');
$location.path('{% url 'orc_checkbinning' %}');
alert('not submitted');

Am using Django framework for my project. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

I think the best, is update the scope with the data submited, but
If you really wants refresh the page, try this:

You can use the reload method of the $route service. Inject $route in your controller and then create a method reloadRoute on your $scope.

$scope.reloadRoute = function() {

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